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OPEN RP - Punk!Cas … Arranged!Marriage … Human/Domestic AU

Castiel was so angry with his parents. He just wanted to be able to spike hair up a little, wear a little eyeliner and maybe dye his at tips, fun stuff…anything to get away from the boring style that they had fostered in his home from the day that he was brought home from the hospital, even then he was pretty sure that they had been intent on creating a pretty boring surrounding for him as a neo-natal child. It was a spectacular ability that he sometimes marveled at; other times he just /hated/ it, with a passion. Today was the day that he turned eighteen. He’d graduated and really he was looking at a pretty promising future. His parents didn’t know but he’d been accepted to a medical school and honestly, he wasn’t ever planning on telling them. He’d probably just tell them he was going to Conneticut because it was his calling…they’d probably believe that. He was greeted with the usual jubulence that went along with his birthday with an added dose of excitement. He didn’t bother asking because he didn’t care.

The early morning was spent shoving his way passed his parents and wandering out on to the streets, skating along, waving cordially to the other people on their street before making his way into town. He caught Dean Winchester’s eye as he skated past the man and smirked in his general direction, the boy had graduated a few years before him and it gave him great pleasure to claim that he had been the boy’s high school antagonist for three years.

The evening consisted of disbelief. His parents did /what/? There was no way that was legal. To engage him before he’d even become a legal adult. The /worst/ news that he had even been given over the cake. His parents had said that they thought it would soothe his anger. It sure as hell hadn’t. It had been a silent forthy minutes before he finally snapped and turned from his computer to face them and ask /who is it/? He was expecting any answer other than /Dean Winchester/. God he was going to cry. He slammed his door on the way up (obviously) and cranked his music up to at least 12 on a 10 point scale. He wasn’t going to cope with this at all.
His window eventually began to shake with something that wasn’t the music and he sighed, climbing off his bed where he was drawing and saw a rock bounce off the window. God who in the hell was throwing rocks at his window? Hauling the glass open he was almost immediately hit in the face with something that most definitely wasn’t a rock but more of a /ring/. An engagement ring to be more precise.
"Who the hell is throwing an engagement ring at my face at 10 o’clock at night?!" he hollered, glancing down and catching a brilliant pair of Tsavorite green eyes staring up at him. Oh /no/.
((Link to the gemstone Castiel is describing Dean’s eyes as http://gemologyonline.com/tsavorite.html))

1950s Aesthetic Omegaverse AU Destiel

Hi there gabrielsfeatherybutt,

Here is the log and this can be the RP thread if that’s how you want it…specify if you wish for it to be different.

Log: logs.omegle.com/3b45765